Review-Deadpool 2

A quick PSA before we begin, if you’re the type of person that laughs at a joke and then immediately repeats it out loud in a movie theater, just do everyone a favor and eat my shorts. Just take them and swallow them whole. Thank you.
I was a big fan of the first Deadpool movie when it came out in 2016. I thought it was well written, consistently funny an I thought all of the actors played their parts well, ESPECIALLY Ryan Reynolds. With Deadpool 2 I was expect more of the same and in a way, it was, but it doesn’t drag its feet around as much as the first Deadpool did in terms of pacing at least. I think this film is a very good successor to the first one and I also think it stands on its own as its own film since it covered all the bases it needed too, but it’s not perfect and it’s a tad cookie cutter at times with it’s story and humor.
The story of the movie was…alright, I guess. It’s a really basic superhero plot that Involves Deadpool coping with the loss of a loved one, trying to save a child, and find a place where he can belong. It doesn’t really do anything too special but it’s not bad at all, it’s a lot like the last movie in that regard. Really the movie is carried by the actors performances, the humor, and the action which there are a lot of here.
Much like the last movie, Ryan Reynolds is fantastic as Wade Wilson. He still has great comedic timing and whenever he was on screen he got a laugh out the audience I saw it with.Josh Brolin is also great as Cable and acts as the perfect folly to Deadpool. He feels like he was taken out of a completely different movie and I thought they really captured the spirit of Cable. All of the other actors in the movie were great as well but a real standout to me was Zazie Beetz as Domino. I thought she was really funny and she and Ryan played off each other great whenever they were on screen. I’m not overly familiar with her work but I hope I can see more stuff from her in the future.
The strongest part of the movie and what many people are probably seeing it for is its humor and Deadpool 2 delivers, but a lot of it is hit and miss. The humor is at its best when it comes off quick and natural and when the movie is funny, it’s really damn funny. However there are a lot of jokes in the movie that go on way longer than they should have, the baby leg scene especially (mostly because of T.J Miller) and sometimes the dialog tries a bit too hard to be funny by just throwing in random profanities just to get a reaction. I was always amused by the movie but I can’t really name a whole lot of times it gave me gut busting laughter.
There’s a lot of action in this movie like last time and it’s just as fun as it was before. There were a lot of fights that took place in a real location which I’m always a fan of and it does a lot of cool set pieces and choreographed moves that revolved around Deadpool’s powers and it looked great. There are some cgi set pieces too and let me tell you, at times they look absolutely terrible. Some of them are animated so fast that it looks unnatural and a lot of the cg models sometimes just flat out lack detail. There’s an action sequence that involved Domino getting to an armored truck and a lot of the special affects they used look so hilariously fake that they could have fit in with a movie from 2005. Overall the action is good but it’s at its best when it uses choreography and practical affects as opposed to the cg.
You’ll noticed in this review that I kept saying things such as “like the last movie”. That’s because Deadpool 2 is more of the same. It hits a lot of the same beats as the first Deadpool did and while that isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s still a thing worth noting. Deadpool 2 is still a great superhero movie and sequel and I highly recommend it, just don’t expect anything spectacular.

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